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Capping machines; These are the types of machines that enable the closing of cream tubes, bottle caps, cans, jars, plates and similar containers containing ready-made foods such as food, beverages, chemicals and detergents, cream derivatives and creamy foods.

Capping Machine Series

Cover Closing Machines
CYK SERIES Cover Closing Machines
  • 10-40pcs/min Capacity
  • 32-70 mm Cover Spacing
  • Suitable for All Screw Caps
  • Semiautomatic
  • Sus 304 Steinless Steel
ROK-V SERIES Cover Closing Machines
  • 50-55pcs/min Capacity
  • 15-130/25-50 mm Cover Spacing
  • Suitable for All Screw Caps
  • Fully Automatic
  • 4 Corner Grip
RYK SERIES Cup Sealing Machines
  • 2000-5000 Pieces Daily Capacity
  • Suitable for 90-97 mm Cup Diameter
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic Option
  • Heat Regulated
ROD-K SERIES Cream and Tube Sealing Machines
  • Optional Filling Range
  • 25-30pcs/min Capacity
  • Automatic Operation
  • Stainless Steel
  • 50 LT/min Air Consumption
RYK SERIES Cream and Tube Sealing Machines
  • 600pcs/hour Capacity
  • Plc Control
  • Ultrasonic Bonding
RYK SERIES Tin Capping Machines
  • 30pcs/min Capacity
  • it is suitable for tins from 20 to 130 mm.
  • 20-35 Cap Size
  • It can be plastered to plastic and cardboard boxes.
  • No Hand Power Required
CFK-150 Cover Closing Machines
  • 10-20pcs/min Capacity
  • 10-35 mm Cover Spacing
  • Flip Off Caps
  • Semiautomatic
  • Sus 304 Steinless Steel

Capping Machine Types

What is Industrial Capping Machine?

Renas Makina, the manufacturer of capping machines, offers different types of machines to be used in different processes among the capping machines. Cap, bottle and jar sealing machines for sale. Industrial sealing machines we offer for you under this category include glass closing machines, foil closing machines, cap closing machines, cream and tube sealing machines, stretch wrapping and sealing machines, tin sealing machines. When it is made with industrial type capping machines, the deterioration of the products is prevented and their shelf life is longer. One of the most important advantages of Renas capping machines is that they can work in harmony with different types of caps. As a matter of fact, closing operations of different types of caps, cream tubes of different widths, containers of different sizes and cans of different structures can be easily done with Renas capping machines. a different function, closing operations can be done in a very short time and quickly. In addition, the products closed with sealing machines are absolutely airtight and do not leak. Lid closing machines are produced in 2 different main categories as fully automatic closing machine and semi-automatic (manual) lid closing machine. Food, chemistry, cosmetics, detergent etc. Another important issue in industrial type bonding machines used in many different business lines is that they can provide a hygienic production environment. In this respect, Renas lid closing machines are advantageous. As a matter of fact, the points in contact with the product in all of the cover closing machines produced within Renas Makina are made of stainless material. You can maximize your working speed and efficiency with our wide cover closing machines that will appeal to all small, medium and large-sized businesses.

Advantages of Buying a Capping Machine from Turkey

Due to the quality and reasonable price policies in the sealing machines, many businesses prefer Turkey. Purchasing a sealing machine from Turkey has many benefits for businesses. The advantages of purchasing a capping machine from Turkey can be listed as follows:

  • Turkish mixing machine manufacturers have years of experience and equipment in production.
    Its geographical location provides Turkey with logistics benefits and fast cargo opportunities.
  • Customs policies in Turkey have laws that facilitate the export of mixing machine.
  • Turkish closing machine manufacturers provide additional parts support to institutions.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Sealing Machine Supplier in Turkey?

For an efficient shopping, there are details to consider when choosing from closure suppliers in Turkey. Useful information to keep in mind when choosing a sealing machine supplier in Turkey is as follows:

  • Devices sold by the sealing machine supplier should be designed with structures that provide long-term use.
  • Turkey sealing machine supplier products must consist of devices produced within the framework of the labor law numbered 6331.
  • For safe and healthy trade, you should examine the references of the sealing machine exporter.
  • You should make sure that the sealing machine supplier in Turkey provides you with the most beneficial sealing machine for your business.

Within the scope of the information given above, the first thing you should pay attention to when purchasing a capping machine is to choose the company that will offer you the best in terms of quality. You should consider professionalism when choosing a sealing machine company. Affordable price policies of businesses should not affect your choice alone. In order to ensure your production efficiently, you should choose a capping machine company that produces quality goods. Renas Makina is a capping machine supplier in Turkey. Renas Makina, which takes its place among the best closing suppliers, provides 100% expertise to its customers with its wide product range.

Turkey Capping Machine Manufacturers

Turkey closure manufacturer Renas Makina is a company that produces 100% solutions to its customers’ needs in production. Renas Makina, which has the qualifications of the best closure manufacturer, adds additional optional features to company-specific devices. Renas Makina, which is involved in all processes from the production of capping machines to assembly and support, has years of experience in machine production.

How Much Does a Sealing Machine Cost in Turkey?

Capping machine prices in Turkey range from 600 to 40,000 dollars. Capping machine prices in Turkey; It is determined according to the quality, the brand, the product to be closed, the automatic and semi-automatic features of the device. Closing machine manufacturer and seller Renas Makina can review our product page for prices; You can contact us for more ideas about the most suitable sealing machine for your business.

Capping Machines in Turkey Price

Cap Crimping Machines

$600 – $8.000

Tin Lid Capping Machines

$1.000 – $30.000

Screw Capping Machines

$200 – 6.000

Cup Sealing Machines

$400 – $1.000

Liquid Filling Machines

$1.000 – $3.000

Weighing Filling Machines

$1.000 – $5.000

Cream and Tube Capping Machines

$5.000 – $35.000

Sealing Machine Reviews

Gabrielle Ashton
Gabrielle Ashton
Read More
We have been using the filling and labeling machines for 2 years and we are very pleased, the machines are of very high quality. Mr. Fırat, who sells machines to us, is very interested in and solves any problem we have. The communication of the company with the customer is very good, thank you Renas Machine.
Dylan Sheeran
Dylan Sheeran
Read More
We worked with Renas Makina on our food filling machine project. We had serious reservations because our product was in both powder and grain form. But at this point, Renas Machinery made all kinds of research and developed the right product at the right time and the filling trials were successful. I thank them and wish them continued success.
Michael Lennon
Michael Lennon
Read More
Renas Machine, which we have been working with for many years, is a very successful company in both tube filling and liquid filling devices. We recommend the company, which we also use as technical service, to the users in the Turkish market and wish them continued success.

Video Gallery

Semi-Automatic Capping Machine
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Automatic Feeding Screw Capping Machine
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sealing machines are types of machines that allow quick and easy sealing of various containers.

There are many types of capping machines available. It is divided into different types as cup sealing machine, foil sealing machine, capping machine, cream and tube sealing machine, vial sealing machine, tin sealing machine, metal capping machine and screw capping machine. Again, these cover closing machine types have automatic, semi-automatic and manual types.

The capping machine is used for closing spout caps, timing spray caps, lotion caps, cream caps and bottle caps, all screw caps and glasses, bottles, cream tubes and jars.

The sealing machine is used in food, medicine, cosmetics and many industries. By purchasing a sealing machine, you can provide many benefits to your business. Among these benefits; A more hygienic environment, min. It allows you to perform the shutdown process quickly and easily with features such as adjustment.

When purchasing a sealing machine, you need to pay attention to what type of products it closes, how many products it closes per minute, whether there is an operating panel, and the compatibility of your machine with your production facility and line.

Closing machines manufactured in Turkey are designed within the scope of the occupational safety law numbered 6331. In terms of production and occupational safety, closing machines in Turkey are produced with high-level security systems. In order to ensure that the products are produced in an antibacterial way, the devices are designed with stainless steel.

  1. When buying a capping machine from Turkey, you should pay attention to the logistics possibilities of the manufacturer.
  2. For a safe trade, you should review the warranty coverage offered by the sealing machine manufacturer.
  3. When purchasing a capping machine from Turkey, you should evaluate the features of the device and additional optional options within the scope of your needs.
  4. When purchasing a sealing machine, you should find out if the manufacturer has support facilities.

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Warranty - Spare Parts

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Special Solution According to Need

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