Granule Filling Machines

Renas granule product filling machines are produced according to sectoral needs. With industrial granule filling machines, both medium-sized and small-scale business owners can perform product filling processes. You can easily find the granule filling machine suitable for the structure and capacity of your business among Renas Makina filling machine models.

Granular Product Filling Machines

RYD-G100 Semi-Automatic Granular Product Filling Machine
RYD-G100 granular product filling machine with daily filling range of 5-6000 units.
RYD-T125 - Semi Automatic Weighing Granule Filling Machine
RYD-T125 granular granule weighing filling machine with daily filling range of 50 - 2500 gr.
RYD-VT120 Granule Filling Machine With Feeding System
RYD-VT120 granule filling machine with daily filling range of 50-2000 gr.
RYD-VT150 -Granule Filler and Sealing Machine
RYD-VT150 - granular product filling machine with daily filling range of 50-5000 gr.

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Semi-Automatic Granule Filling Machine
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Weighing Granule Filling Machine
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What is Granule Filling Machine?

Granule filling machines are machines that can be used for filling powder and sensitive granule products with high fluidity and can fill the product into the package and container to the desired extent. Equipped with automatic systems, the granule filling machine is equipped to speed up the packaging process in production and make it efficient. It provides packaging of many products with high speed and precise dosing. It is used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, construction and food industries.

What Does a Granular Product Filling Machine Do?

Granule filling machines provide precise packaging of granular products.
provides. The machines can be adjusted automatically for the filling of products of different sizes and volumes. It has features that make the production of many sectors efficient. Granulating machines offer high quality in production by ensuring that products are filled with precision.

What are the Features of Weighing Granule Filling Machine?

Features of granule filling machines are programmed according to sectoral needs. Features of granule filling machines manufactured in Turkey; capacity, filling speed, production material and filling level. The main features of granule filling machines can be listed as follows:

👉Granule filling machines are made of SUS 304 stainless steel. Antibacterial material provides a healthy environment for products.

👉 It increases the productivity of the enterprises with mass production by providing the filling of around 6000 products per day.

👉 It saves work by providing automatic filling of products.

👉In accordance with the occupational safety law; It is designed in accordance with high security systems and hygienic conditions.

👉Granule filling machines work in automatic or semi-automatic mode with the help of pedals.

👉The granule machine that works silently is a comfortable tool for workshops.

👉Renas granule filling machines have 1 year warranty against factory faults.

Which Products Are Filled With Granule Filler?

Granule filling machines provide filling and packaging of products in the form of granules of different sizes. It is preferred for filling granular products used in industries such as pharmaceutical, food, chemistry and construction. Some of the products in which granule filling machines are used for filling are as follows:

Types of SpicesLegumesVitamin SupplementsDetergentSeeds and Fertilizers
Ceramic PowderChemical GranulesNutsCoffeeSalt

What are the Granular Filling Machine Types?

Granule filling machines are produced in accordance with the demands of the sectors. Basically, filling machines are differentiated into semi-automatic and automatic. You can choose the machine that appeals to you from Renas granule machines or you can contact us for your special requests.

Granul Product Filling Machine Usage Areas

Granule filling machines are used in many sectors as they enable high performance production. The sectors where machines are used frequently are as follows:

  • Granule filling machines; It is used in the food industry, which produces products such as coffee, sugar, pasta, cookies, pulses and spices.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry; Granule filling machines are preferred for the packaging of drug powders, tablets, capsules and vitamin supplements in the form of granules.
  • Granule filling machines are used in the chemical industry where detergents, powder coatings and cleaning products are produced.
  • Granule filling machines are used in the agricultural sector producing seeds, fertilizers, animal feed and garden materials.
  • In the construction industry; Granular machines are preferred for packaging products such as cement and ceramic powder.
  • In the petroleum and chemical industry; Granule filling machines are used for filling polymers, engine oil and chemical granules.

Things to Consider When Buying a Granule Filling Machine

  1. Additional features can be added to granule filling machines. For this reason, you should choose the filling machine that is most suitable for your business.
  2. When choosing, you should decide on the material of the machine. measuring cups; It is produced from polyethylene, stainless steel or in accordance with the desired material
  3. It is recommended to carefully examine the filling quantities of granule filling machines.
  4. When purchasing a granule filling machine, you should make sure that the product has a warranty.

Granule Filling Machine Prices

Prices of granule filling machines; It varies according to the product filling range, the features of the system and the added features. You can contact us to get comprehensive information about the prices of granule filling machines, which are price performance products. You can buy the granule filling machine model suitable for your business from Renas Makina with reasonable prices and installment options.

Granule Filling Machine Reviews

Gabrielle Ashton
Gabrielle Ashton
Read More
We have been using the filling and labeling machines for 2 years and we are very pleased, the machines are of very high quality. Mr. Fırat, who sells machines to us, is very interested in and solves any problem we have. The communication of the company with the customer is very good, thank you Renas Machine.
Dylan Sheeran
Dylan Sheeran
Read More
We worked with Renas Makina on our food filling machine project. We had serious reservations because our product was in both powder and grain form. But at this point, Renas Machinery made all kinds of research and developed the right product at the right time and the filling trials were successful. I thank them and wish them continued success.
Michael Lennon
Michael Lennon
Read More
Renas Machine, which we have been working with for many years, is a very successful company in both tube filling and liquid filling devices. We recommend the company, which we also use as technical service, to the users in the Turkish market and wish them continued success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Granule filling machines are divided into types as fully automatic granule filling and semi-automatic granule filling. With the granule filling machine, dozens of different product types such as salt, pepper, granulated sugar, coffee, chickpeas, beans, pasta, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts are filled.

Granule filling machines have many advantages in terms of sectors. filling machines; It is produced with additional features according to the sector so that the enterprises can get the best high performance in production. The precise dosing feature of the filling machine enables efficient mass production. Mass production, on the other hand, provides business savings at the most affordable costs to businesses.

Granule filling machines; It is designed in accordance with bottles made of different sizes and materials. Granular machine that provides filling of products in accordance with the sector; It is produced for use with plastic bottles (PET, HDPE), glass bottles, metal bottles and multiple dosing bottles.

Granule filling machines are equipped with high security. The machines are produced in accordance with the occupational safety law. There is a grounding feature in the body of the machine. In risky situations, the machine automatically shuts itself down. Antibacterial stainless materials ensure that the products are packaged in sterile conditions.

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Warranty - Spare Parts

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