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Mixing machines; these are the types of machines that enable powder and granular products belonging to food, chemistry, medicine, cosmetics, agriculture and similar industries to be mixed easily and quickly and brought to a homogeneous structure. You can mix many kinds of products with industrial mixing machines. Among the products that you can mix with industrial type mixer models, we can count many different products such as nutritional supplements, animal drugs, cosmetics, sports supplements, capsules and so on.

Mixing Tank Series

Cream and Paste Mixing Machines
RMX-SH SERIES Cream and Paste Mixing Machines
  • 150-500 ml Mixing Capacity
  • Homogeneous Mixing
  • Double Walled
  • Heating and Cooling Together
  • SUS 304 Stainless Steel Material
RMX-SH SERIES Liquid Mixing Machines
  • 150-500 ml Mixing Capacity
  • Homogeneous Mixing
  • Double Walled
  • Heating and Cooling Together
  • SUS 304 Stainless Steel Material
RMX-U SERIES Powder and Granule Mixing Machines
  • 125-1000 lt Capacity
  • Safety Key
  • Homogenous Mixture
  • Double Effect Mixing
  • SUS 304 Stainless Steel Material
RMX-P SERIES Powder and Granule Mixing Machines
  • 200-750 lt Capacity
  • It can mix powder-powder, granule-granule-granule-powder
  • 360 degree rotation capability
  • 0.2 m3 – 5 m3 Volume Range
  • SUS 304 Stainless Steel Material

Industrial Mixing Machine Types

What is Industrial Mixing Machine?

Industrial mixer types are divided into different groups among themselves. Industrial mixing machines, each of which addresses different needs, are divided into types such as liquid mixing tanks, powder and granule mixing machines, cream and paste mixing machines. There are both fully automatic mixing machines and semi-automatic machine types in each product group. All of the industrial mixing machines in this category are easy to clean and have an ergonomic structure. In the mixing machine manufacturer Renas mixing mixer, the points in contact with the product are made of stainless steel and material. In this way, it is possible to provide full hygiene especially in food mixing processes. Mixtures of powder-powder, granule-granule and powder-granule products can be provided with industrial type homogeneous mixer types. You can obtain a complete homogeneous mixture in all kinds of mixtures.

Advantages of Buying a Industrial Mixer from Turkey

Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for machinery exports, due to its economic solutions, wide range of machinery and high quality machinery production. The benefits of purchasing a mixing machine from Turkey can be summarized as follows:

  • Turkey is a strong country in terms of logistics. The mixing machine you ordered will reach your establishment safely.
  • Due to its geographical location, Turkey is advantageous in many respects. The shipping of the mixing machine purchased from Turkey is carried out quickly.
  • Mixing machine manufacturers and exporters in Turkey have years of expert experience.
  • Turkish mixing machine manufacturers provide additional parts production and service support for businesses.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Mixing Tank Supplier in Turkey?

There are some steps to consider when choosing the company you will partner with among the mixing machine suppliers in Turkey. Working with the best mixing machine manufacturers; It offers a quality shopping opportunity for your business. Here are some things to ask and consider before choosing one of the mixing machine suppliers in Turkey:

  • The mixing machine supplier must be an expert in his field. Logistics opportunities must be strong for a quality trade.
  • You can review the references of the mixing machine supplier for a safe shopping.
  • When choosing a mixing machine exporter, you should examine their pre- and post-sales policies.
  • You should make sure that you find the supplier that will meet your mixing machine needs.

You should not only consider economic benefits when choosing a mixing machine manufacturer and supplier. The mixing machine that you will buy cheaply may not have a long-term contribution to your business. Therefore, after a country-wide evaluation in the selection of mixing machine; you should choose the mixing machine manufacturer that offers the highest performance for your production. Renas Makina is the mixing machine supplier in Turkey. It is meticulously concerned with all processes from the production of the mixing machine to its delivery to the enterprise. Turkish mixing machine exporter Renas Makina provides additional parts and service support to its customers.

Turkey Industrial Mixing Machine Manufacturers

Among the Turkey mixing machine manufacturers, there are companies with expertise in their fields. Renas Makina is also one of the expert Turkish mixing machine manufacturers. As Renas Makina, the Turkey mixing machine manufacturer, we carry out our production in detail. We approach our customers’ mixing machine requirements with a 100% satisfaction policy. We assist our customers with their technical needs by providing additional parts support in mixing machine production.

How Much Does a Mixing Machine Cost in Turkey?

Mixing machine prices in Turkey are on average between 3,000 and 22,000 dollars. Mixing machine prices in Turkey vary according to the systems used in production. The type of mixing machine, the product range it addresses and the additional features of the machine are among the main factors that determine the prices. Renas Makina provides price performance to businesses at the price of mixing machine. After choosing the mixing machine that is suitable for your business, you can contact the mixing machine manufacturer Renas Makina for detailed information about additional features and pricing.

Mixing Tank in Turkey Price

Cream and Paste Mixing Machines

$5. 000 – $12.000

Liquid Mixing Machines

$5.000 – $11.000

Powder and Granule Mixing Machines

$3.000 – $25.000

Mixing Machines Reviews

Adam Arthur
Adam Arthur
Read More
I would like to thank the authorized friends in the production and management of the cream mixer and cream filling machine we bought for our company. Their experience in machine sales and technical service is indisputable. We wish you continued success. Good work.
Francis Duncan
Francis Duncan
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We bought a mixing machine from Renas machine. Mixers are fine. We didn't have a problem. We received positive feedback on our requests. Renas Machine for affordable price and good quality. Thanks.
Benjamin Elvis
Benjamin Elvis
Read More
An experienced and solution oriented company. During the project, technical information sharing and trial studies were very successful despite being at an intense pace.

Video Gallery

Mixing Machine with Disperser Blade
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Cubic Powder Mixing Machine
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Frequently Asked Questions

Mixing machines are a type of machine that allows powder or granular products to be mixed easily and quickly.

Among the types of mixing machines; cream and paste mixing, liquid mixing, powder and granule mixing machines. There are also automatic and semi-automatic versions of these mixing machine types. In these mixing machines, shampoo, toothpaste, nutritional supplements, animal drugs, cosmetic products, sports supplements, capsules, etc. mixing processes of the products are carried out.

The mixing machine is highly preferred in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food sectors. In addition, the advantages of mixing machines, which are very beneficial to small, medium and especially large enterprises, are as follows; It is a more hygienic option. Mixing is easier and faster.

When purchasing a mixing machine, you should choose a mixing machine that is suitable for which type of product to mix, how much production volume it has and production capacity. For more detailed information, what should be considered when buying a mixing machine? You can check out the blog post.

Mixing machines produced in Turkey have a safe infrastructure. For the safety of users, mixing machines are designed with safe equipment. The mixing machine has the feature of automatically shutting down its systems in case of a dangerous situation during production. The parts where the products are produced are equipped with antibacterial properties and safe materials for human health are obtained.

  1. When purchasing a mixing machine from Turkey, you should make sure that the mixing machine manufacturer uses quality materials.
  2. Within the scope of your production needs, you should purchase a mixing machine from Turkey.
  3. When purchasing a mixing machine, you should examine its features and inform the manufacturer specifically for the systems you want additionally.
  4. When purchasing a mixing machine from Turkey, you should pay attention to the warranty scope of the products.

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