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Labeling machine are the types of machines produced to stick labels of certain sizes on square, cylindrical and round glass bottles, pet bottles, jars, tins and similar objects. Industrial labeling machines are divided into two main groups as automatic labeling machines and semi – automatic labeler machines. There are cylindrical labeling machine, angular labeling machine and flat labeling machine models among the labeling machine types. A cylindrical labeling machine is used in the bottle labeling machine, which is the most widely used labeling machine model. With date coding labeling machines with date coding feature, expiry date, batch number, weight and similar information can be coded in 3 lines and 36 characters in a desired section on the label.

Labeling Machine Series

Corner and Flat Labeling Machines
M-100 Corner and Flat Labeling Machines
  • 28pcs/Min Capacity
  • 10-120 mm Label Lenght
  • For Square and Flat Objects
  • Can Label two sides
MT-100SH Corner and Flat Labeling Machines
  • 60pcs/Min Capacity
  • 10-120 mm Label Lenght
  • Suitable for Flat Products
  • Fiber Sensor
  • Plc Controller
REM-F4 Corner and Flat Labeling Machines
  • 40pcs/Min Capacity
  • Double Sided Labeling
  • For Square and Flat Objects
  • Fiber Sensor
  • Plc Controller
REM-C Cylindrical Labeling Machines
  • 40pcs/Min Capacity
  • 20-200 mm Label Length
  • Servo System
  • Fiber Sensor
  • Plc Controller
CM Cylindrical Labeling Machines
  • 25-50pcs/min Capacity
  • Suitable for cylindrical products
  • Semiautomatic
  • Transparent Labeling
  • Date Coding Feature Can Be Added
M Cylindrical Labeling Machines
  • 25pcs/min Capacity
  • 20-240 mm Label Length
  • Semiautomatic
  • Stepper Motor
  • Date Coding Feature
MT Cylindrical Labeling Machines
  • 25pcs/min Capacity
  • 10-350 mm Label Lentgh
  • Semiautomatic
  • Fiber Sensor
  • 3 Lines of Date Coding
RES-30 Cylindrical Labeling Machines
  • 1-8m/min Labeling Speed
  • 5-150 mm Label Length
  • 10-140mm Label Width
  • 250 mm Outer Label Diameter
  • 6 Digit Digital Display

Labeling Machine Types

What is Labeling Machine?

A labeling machine is a device that automatically applies labels to products or packaging. These machines can be used in a wide range of industries, from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Label maker come in different types depending on the type of label they apply, such as pressure-sensitive, glue-based, or shrink sleeve labels. They also vary in speed, capacity, and complexity. Some machines are designed to handle high-speed labeling for large production runs, while others are more suitable for small batches or custom labeling.

Using a labeling machine can significantly increase efficiency and accuracy in labeling products, which can ultimately save time and reduce costs. These machines can also be integrated into production lines and controlled by computer systems to automate the labeling process.

Overall, a labeling machine is an essential tool for businesses that require consistent and high-quality labeling of their products.

You can quickly find the most affordable labeling machines at Renas Makina in line with the needs of your business. You can request additional features to be added to the labeling systems you like according to your needs. Renas labeling machine models absolutely do not cause labeling start point errors, shifting, trapezoidal sticking and similar problems. With the Renas label printing machine, an average of 40 labels per minute can be made. With the fiber optic sensor with smart identification feature in Renas labeling machines, you can easily introduce the stop point to your label and work without errors. In this direction, you can perform your labeling operations quickly, quickly and efficiently with the industrial type industrial labeling machines we offer for you. As a result, with industrial labeling machine models, you can easily label bottles, jars, tins and similar objects and do your work quickly and efficiently.

Made in China Labeling Machine or Made in Turkey Labeling Machine?

Turkey and China are the most widely known countries in labeling machine production. According to the researches, there are different policies followed by the two countries in the production of labeling machines. First of all, Turkey has more affordable prices than China due to its geographical location. Shipping of machines is easier in Turkey. In the evaluation of the conveyor belt, operator panel, sheet thickness, use of stainless steel and vibration transformer used in the design of the labeling machine, Turkey provides a higher quality production in terms of price performance. Although the features of labeling machines vary according to the type of product, when examined in general, Turkey offers better opportunities to its customers in the production of labeling machines.

Advantages of Buying a Labeling Machine from Turkey

In Turkey labeling machine production; It offers many advantages to its customers within the scope of its geographical location, product variety and pricing. The advantages of buying a labeling machine from Turkey can be summarized as follows:

  • Turkey is close to many countries due to its location. Therefore, the transportation of labeling machines to the customer is fast.
  • Manufacturers in Turkey have expert competence in labeling machine production.
  • Labeling machine manufacturers in Turkey provide technical support to their customers.
  • Customs policies in Turkey support manufacturers to sell comfortably.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Labeling Machine Supplier in Turkey?

If you are in search of a labeling machine supplier in Turkey, we have listed the things you need to pay attention to. For a quality shopping, you need to choose the labeling machine supplier carefully. Choosing one of the best label maker manufacturers in Turkey will help your business to produce efficiently. Things to consider when choosing a labeling machine supplier in Turkey can be listed as follows:

  • Labeling machine supplier should use quality materials in machine production. The use of quality materials in design means a long-lasting machine.
  • You can examine the reliability of the labeling machine supplier in Turkey from the references of the institution.
  • In the selection of the labeling machine exporter, the services provided by the enterprise should be examined comprehensively. Attention should be paid to the support of additional parts and technical studies.
  • It is recommended to pay attention to the diversity of the product range when choosing among Turkish labeling machine manufacturers.

Renas Makina is the labeling machine supplier in Turkey. Turkey’s labeling machine exporter Renas Makina; In the export process, it deals with every step of the product until it reaches you with great care. By providing technical support services for businesses, it provides the supply of additional parts for the customer with professionalism.

Turkey Labeling Machine Manufacturers

Turkey labeling machine manufacturers offer a professional service for businesses. As Renas Makina, the manufacturer of labeling machines in Turkey, we provide production within the framework of the demands of our customers. We organize the designs of our machines for the labeling processes that the business needs in production. Our expert teams in their fields produce detailed solutions for the demands of our customers in the production and sale of labeling machines.

How Much Are Industrial Labeling Machine Prices in Turkey? 

Labeling machine prices in Turkey range from 400 to 24,000 dollars. Labeling machine prices vary according to machine types, labeled object, features of the machine and additional requests. As a Turkey labeling machine dealer, Renas Makina provides sales to its customers at reasonable costs. You can supply the most suitable device for your business from the labeling machine manufacturer and seller, Renas Makina.

Labeler Machine Reviews

Oliver Dean
Oliver Dean
Read More
Renas Machine, which we have been working with for many years, is a very successful company in labeling machine and liquid filling devices. We recommend the company, which we also use as technical service, to the users in the Turkish market and wish them continued success.
Jack Dainty
Jack Dainty
Read More
I would like to thank Renas Makine, which is the leader in the packaging and labeling sector, for its services. It is one of the leading companies that contribute to our country in exports by representing our country abroad.
Jacob Driver
Jacob Driver
Read More
I wish the success of Renas Machine, a reliable, domestic company that does not compromise on quality and keeps its promise, in the projects it has done in Turkey and abroad.

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Full Automatic Labeler Machine
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Flat Labeling Machine
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Frequently Asked Questions

The labeling machine performs the process of sticking labels with certain dimensions on square, cylindrical and round glass bottles, pet bottles, jars, tins and many other objects.

Labeling machines are divided into types as corner labeling machine and cylindrical labeling machine. It carries out the labeling process of products such as square, cylindrical and round jars, tins, glass bottles and pet bottles with the labeling machine preferred in the marketing, manufacturing, sales, production and cosmetics sectors.

The difference between the angular and cylindrical labeling machine, which is one of the types of labeling machines, as can be understood from their names, performs the labeling of products in different shapes. While the angular labeling machine performs the labeling of angular products such as bottles, jars and plastics, you can label the round jars and cans with the cylindrical labeling machine.

Labeling machines are used in Food Chemistry, Cosmetics, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and many sectors. The labeling machine allows you to label quickly with its easy-to-use feature.

Each bottle type is affected by a different type of labeling machine. Therefore, when purchasing a labeling machine, you should choose the labeling machine according to the shape of the box or bottle you will label and this shape. For example; You should not choose angular and flat labeling machines for cylindrical bottles. In addition, you should pay attention to the label length, whether the machine you prefer is semi-automatic or fully automatic, and how many labels per minute the labeling machine you want to buy prints.

The labeling machine produced in Turkey provides a safe production for the user. Labeling machines are designed in accordance with the Occupational Safety Law No. 6331 in order for people to carry out their production safely. Labeling machines exported from Turkey have the feature of automatically shutting down in case of a dangerous situation during production.

  1. When purchasing a labeling machine from Turkey, you should make sure that you choose the type that suits your production needs.
  2. You should check the warranty scope of labeling machines.
  3. In the selection of Türkiye labeling machine; You should pay attention to whether the machine you prefer is semi-automatic or fully automatic, the length of the label and how many labels per minute the labeling machine you want to buy prints.
  4. You should make sure that you can add additional features to the labeling machine design.

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Warranty - Spare Parts

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