Cover Closing Machines

Cover Closing Machines

CYK SERIES Cover Closing Machines
CYK Series Semi-Automatic Capping Machine with 32-70 mm Cover Spacing

ROK-V SERIES Cover Closing Machines
ROK-V Series Fully Automatic Capping Machine

CFK-150 Cover Closing Machines
CYK-150 Semi-Automatic Capping Machine with 10-35 mm Cover Spacing

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Warranty - Spare Parts
Warranty - Spare Parts

We do not only manufacture machines, we also provide you with spare parts for our machines. Our machines are guaranteed for 1 year against fabrication defects.

Special Solution According to Need
Special Solution According to Need

We offer you different variety of machines for your needs.

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Different Machine Varieties

We serve with more than 500 types of machines. You can choose from our machine range for your needs. You can contact us for more information.

Renas Capping Machines allow you to easily close the caps of bottles of different widths and sizes. Capping machine types with different features allow you to easily close all screw caps, spout caps, timing spray caps, lotion caps, cream caps, normal bottle caps and similar cap types. Therefore, it is possible to use the lid closing systems we offer under this category in many different types of lids. The speed settings in the Renas cap tightening machine models make it easy to close the caps in series. This increases the efficiency of the work you will do with the types of industrial capping presses. Capping machines have the ability to be adjusted according to the cap and bottle size you will work with. Renas lid closing machines include snap lid closing machine, lid tightening machine, tin lid closing machine and screw lid closing machine models. The contact points of the cover closing machines that we produce under the roof of Renas Makina are made of stainless materials. In this respect, you can also provide the requirements for hygiene.

Cover Closing Machines Prices

The prices of capping machines vary according to the type of machine and the features it has. Another factor that affects the prices of the capping machine is the features that you can add optionally. In line with your needs, you can request additional features to be added to the capping machine you want to buy. You can immediately start to examine the prices and features of capping machines; You can buy the type of capping machine that you think is suitable for you, quickly and reliably from Renas Makina.

The cup sealing machine performs the quick and easy sealing of glasses and bowls.

Cup sealing machines are divided into types such as industrial cup sealing, plastic cup sealing. These sealing machines are also available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic glass closing types.

The point you need to pay attention to when buying a glass sealing machine is that you need to decide which size glass you will be closing.

Cup sealing machine prices vary according to the features of the machine. Additional features can be added to the capping machine you like in line with the needs of your business, the capping machine prices for the feature you want to add vary. You can get the capping machine you want from our site.