RYK Series Ultrasonic Cream Tube Sealing Machine


Techinical Features and Prices

Features / Series RYK-2000 RYK-2000F
AC 220V ± 10V / 50HZ
AC 220V ± 10V / 50HZ
Power Cons.
1500W / 2000W ± 10℅
1500W / 2000W ± 10℅
Ultrasonic Frequency
20 KHZ - 15 KHZ
20 KHZ - 15 KHZ
Air Pressure
L * W * H (mm) 1100 * 650 * 530mm
L * W * H (mm) 1100 * 650 * 530mm

General Features of RYK Series Ultrasonic Cream Tube Sealing Machines

♦ RYK Series Ultrasonic Cream Tube Sealing Machines have been developed to seal all types of heat-sealable cream tubes such as laminated, plastic, PVC, PP, PE without applying heat.
♦ They are high-tech machines. Thanks to the ultrasonic sound waves it emits, it quickly closes the cream tube that you previously filled with another device without the need for heat on the bonding jaws and provides full sealing.
♦ It can work without any problem in all laminated, plastic, pvc, that is, heat-sealable cream tube types with a width between 10 mm – 110 mm. It does not require changes in the bonding jaw in product changes.
♦ RYK Series Ultrasonic Cream Tube Sealing Machines offer optional date coding. Thanks to this feature, you can add information such as SKT to the paste field as a single line. If you buy this option, you are given enough numbers for free.
♦ Thanks to the tube fixing mold that comes free with the machine, the bonding process can always be done on the same spot with this machine.
♦ Thanks to its low electricity and air consumption, it can be used easily even in small workshops.
♦ Ultrasonic generator of our machines is also 100% domestic production.
♦ RYK Series Ultrasonic Cream Tube Sealing Machines is a fully automated PLC controlled machine. Thanks to the 4″ inch touchscreen operator panel that can be designed in Turkish or in different languages ​​specifically for your needs, you can easily work on tube types of many different sizes and thicknesses.
♦ There are two different start commands in our machine, it can run automatically with the pedal if you wish, or automatically after putting the tube in a certain time interval.
♦ Our machine is completely made of SUS 304 Stainless steel, it complies with GMP, FDA norms.
♦ RYK-2000F is a fully grounded machine that complies with the work safety law numbered 6331. If you wish, we can prevent events such as handshake by adding a double combination button to the machine.
♦ There is never any leakage in the tubes closed by our machines. When the air test is applied to the plastic tubes, which is one of the tests made before the machine is delivered, the machine is not delivered to the customer without gluing it strong enough to explode from the side gaps, not from the gluing area.
♦ Since the tube is not exposed to high heat, there is no change in the structure of the tube and the product you fill it with.
♦ All of our machines are 100% domestically manufactured, all stages of our machines except the ultrasonic generator are made in our own facilities.
♦ If you wish, we can add a date printing section to the gluing jaw.
♦ We can produce jaws of different widths and sizes.
♦ In terms of work safety, we can produce both hands so that they do not work without pressing the buttons during work.
♦ We can make a stainless bench for the machine.
♦ We can make the paste pattern different.

RYK Series Ultrasonic Cream Tube Sealing Machines - Other Details

♦ Our machines are generally not in stock, production time is around 30-45 days depending on the workload,
♦ It is packaged in accordance with long-distance shipments, its outer case is made of 11 mm osb wood material.
♦ Thanks to the contracted courier company, the product is transported at an affordable price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo as well.
♦ It is under RENAS warranty for 1 year against factory defects.
♦ Our RYK Series machines have CE, LVD certificates, and all automation products we use are ip65 class industrial products with ROHS, CE certificates.