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Vacuum machines are types of machines that extend the shelf life of various food and similar products by vacuuming them in vacuum bags. We can count fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, meat, dehydrated cheese, plastic products and many similar products among dozens of products that you can vacuum with Renas Makina vacuuming machine types.

Vacuum Machine Series

Single Eye Vacuum Machines
RDZ-260 Single Eye Vacuum Machines
  • Industrial Vacuum Packaging
  • It can vacuum bags up to 26 cm wide
  • Suitable for workshops producing 50-100 pieces per day
RDZ2-500 Single Eye Vacuum Machines
  • Industrial Vacuum Packaging
  • It can vacuum bags up to 26 cm wide
  • Suitable for workshops producing 50-100 pieces per day
  • Double Sided Use

Vacuum Packing Machine Types

We Service All of Construction Needs.

What is Vacuum Machine?

Renas vacuum machine models, you can achieve an extremely efficient and fast working environment. With the help of the jaw in the Renas vacuum machine, it vacuums the products without any air or gaps. In this way, the products you vacuum will have a longer life. When choosing industrial vacuum making machines, you should pay attention to which vacuum bag types your preferred machine can work with. Renas vacuum packaging machines can be used with existing vacuum bags in the market. Renas vacuum packaging machines do not require a special vacuum bag for vacuum operations.

Among Renas Makina vacuuming machines, there is a wide range of products to meet the needs of all small, medium and large-sized businesses. Therefore, you can easily find the most suitable industrial vacuum machine for your business. Among the types of vacuum machines we offer for you, there are models such as household type vacuum machine, industrial vacuum machine, single chamber vacuum machine and 2-chamber vacuum machine. You can work with each of them both quickly, efficiently and hygienically. Vacuuming machine types can perform vacuuming processes of certain sizes of products according to their characteristics. Each vacuum packaging machine model has a maximum size limit. Since the adhesion traces of Renas vacuum packaging machines are quite good visually, they do not create a bad image.

Advantages of Buying a Vacuum Machine from Turkey

Turkey is one of the prominent countries in the export of vacuum packaging machines. Vacuum machine manufacturers in Turkey have many years of experience in their fields. Turkey offers a wide range of machines to businesses with various types of machines. The advantages of buying a vacuum machine from Turkey are as follows:

  • Turkey is close to most countries due to its location. Therefore, logistics processes are faster.
  • Turkey has an advanced industrial infrastructure in vacuum packaging machinery production.
  • Turkish vacuum machine manufacturers provide additional support to businesses.
  • Turkish vacuum machine manufacturers have a dynamic and innovative understanding in device production.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Vacuum Packaging Machine Supplier in Turkey?

Vacuum packaging machine suppliers in Turkey are mostly companies that are experts in their fields. However, it is recommended to choose the most suitable supplier for your business for an efficient shopping. Here are the things you should consider when purchasing a device from vacuum packaging machine suppliers in Turkey:

  • Turkey vacuum packaging machine manufacturer should have certificates proving its expertise.
  • You can review the references of the vacuum machine supplier to make your deal safely.
  • In order not to have a problem with your device, you should learn about the warranty scope of the vacuum packaging machine manufacturer in Turkey.

The first thing to consider when choosing a vacuum packaging machine supplier is that the manufacturer produces quality devices. The vacuum packaging machine, which has a durable structure, provides support for long-lasting production in your business. For this reason, the first point you look for in your vacuum machine search should not be the cheapness of the devices. Renas Makina is a vacuum packaging machine manufacturer and supplier in Turkey. In vacuum machine manufacturer Renas Makina, device designs are made by expert teams. It also offers additional parts support to businesses in line with their requests.

Turkey Vacuum Machine Manufacturers

Turkey vacuum machine manufacturer Renas Makina has expertise in device production and export. Offering the most comprehensive solution to sectoral needs, Renas Makina also provides infrastructure support to businesses. Vacuum packaging manufacturer Renas Makina adds additional features to the device within the framework of demands. For high quality, businesses prefer Renas Makina for vacuum packaging machine solutions.

How Much Does a Vacuum Packaging Machine Cost in Turkey?

Vacuum packaging machine prices in Turkey range from 650 dollars to 1500 dollars. Vacuum packaging machine costs are determined according to the features of the device, additional features, brand and quality. Turkey has the most affordable budget in vacuum machine prices. You can also purchase the vacuum packaging machine for your productions on our site; For additional requests, you can contact Renas Makina, Turkey’s vacuum packaging manufacturer and supplier.

Vacuum Machine Rewievs

Oliver Dean
Oliver Dean
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Renas Machine, which we have been working with for many years, is a very successful company in labeling machine and liquid filling devices. We recommend the company, which we also use as technical service, to the users in the Turkish market and wish them continued success.
Jack Dainty
Jack Dainty
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I would like to thank Renas Makine, which is the leader in the packaging and labeling sector, for its services. It is one of the leading companies that contribute to our country in exports by representing our country abroad.
Jacob Driver
Jacob Driver
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I wish the success of Renas Machine, a reliable, domestic company that does not compromise on quality and keeps its promise, in the projects it has done in Turkey and abroad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The vacuum packaging machine performs the vacuuming and sealing process of the package by pulling the air in the empty spaces inside the package.

Vacuum machine types; industrial vacuum sealer is divided into double and single chamber.

The vacuum machine is often used in the food industry to make products more durable and to facilitate storage and distribution operations.

Vacuum machine prices vary according to machine types, the product it packs and the features of the machine. Additional features can be added to the vacuum machine you like in line with the needs of your business, and the prices of the vacuum machine for the feature you want to add vary. You can get the vacuum machine you want from our site.

Vacuum machines in Turkey have safe systems. Designs of vacuum machines; It is carried out in accordance with the occupational safety law numbered 6331, which was created within the scope of the safety of the manufacturer and the user. Therefore, vacuum machines in Turkey are equipped with safe infrastructures.

  1. When buying a vacuum packaging machine from Turkey, you should make sure that you find a reliable vacuum machine manufacturer.
  2. When choosing a vacuum packaging machine, you should purchase the devices in line with your intended use and know that you can add additional features to the machine.
  3. When purchasing a vacuum packaging machine from Turkey, you should make sure that the device has safe systems.
  4. When purchasing a vacuum machine, you should learn about the warranty coverage offered by the manufacturers in Turkey.

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Warranty - Spare Parts

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Special Solution According to Need

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