RYK Series Tin Can Seamer Machine

RYK SERIES Tin Capping

Techinical Features and Prices

Features / Series RYK-400T RYK-1000 T
Types of packaging it can work with
Plastic, Metal, Glass
Plastic, Tin
Operating Voltage
220V 50 Hz
3 P 380 V 50 Hz
650*350*750 mm
2050*720*1700 mm
Packaging height at which it can work
60-190 mm
Power Consumption
370 Watt
450 Watt
Operation Range
Caps with diameters between 40-110 mm (single size)
Caps with diameters between 52-105 mm (single size)
10 Piece/Pieces per Minute
20 - 25 Pieces / Minute

Products That Can Be Closed

RYK SERIES Tin Can Seamer Machine

Ready-Made Food

RYK SERIES Tin Can Seamer Machine


RYK SERIES Tin Can Seamer Machine


RYK SERIES Tin Can Seamer Machine


RYK SERIES Tin Can Seamer Machine

Creamy Foods

General Features of RYK Series Tin Capping Machines

♦ It is a machine that is extremely easy to use, takes up little space and has low electricity consumption.
♦ Closing process of the can is performed between 20-60 times per minute.
♦ RYK Series can sealing machines; It is designed for closing and plastering the lids of ready-made foods such as food, beverages, chemicals and detergents, and cream-derived and creamy foods.
♦ Thanks to its stainless steel body, it fully complies with GMP and FDA norms.
♦ The way it works is very simple. It either works automatically for a period of time or if you prefer, it works with a pedal.
♦ Our machine does not require a compressor, it does not need air during operation, only electrical energy is sufficient.

RYK Series Tin Can Seamer Machine - Other Details

♦ The machine is generally available in stock.
♦ Packed for long-distance shipments.
♦ Thanks to the contracted courier company, the product is transported at an affordable price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo as well.
♦ It is under 1 year Renas Machine Warranty against factory defects.