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Mixing machines; these are the types of machines that enable powder and granular products belonging to food, chemistry, medicine, cosmetics, agriculture and similar industries to be mixed easily and quickly and brought to a homogeneous structure. You can mix many kinds of products with industrial mixing machines. Among the products that you can mix with industrial type mixer models, we can count many different products such as nutritional supplements, animal drugs, cosmetics, sports supplements, capsules and so on.

Bag Sealing Machine Series

Automatic Bag Sealing Machines
FRD Automatic Bag Sealing Machines
  • 50-95pcs/min Capacity
  • Sealing Speed: 6-12m/min
  • Suitable for All Bag Types
  • 3 Line Ink Date Coding Model
  • Pack Counter Model
DGYF SERIES Foil Sealing Machines
  • 15-25pcs/min Capacity
  • Suitable for 20-130 mm Cover Types
  • Can be used on Glass, Metal and Plastic Products
  • Manual Or Automatic Version
LX6000C Foil Sealing Machines
  • 30pcs/min Capacity
  • Suitable for 30-120 mm Cover Types
  • Can be used on Glass, Metal and Plastic Products
  • Automatic Induction
RF SERIES Pedal Bag Sealing Machines
  • 0-80 cm Sealing Length
  • 3-5mm Sealing Thickness
  • Heat Regulated
  • Manual Pedal
RFD Pedal Bag Sealing Machines
  • 35 – 80 cm Mouth Width
  • Big Transformer
  • Pedal System
  • With Date Coding Unit
RFK Pedal Bag Sealing Machines
  • 3 mm Pasting Width
  • 40-100 cm Pasting Length
  • Bonding up to 100 µ Thickness
  • Heat Regulated
  • Manual Pedal

Industrial Bag Sealer Types

We Service All of Construction Needs.

What are the Features of Bag Sealing Machine

Bag sealing machines are machines designed and produced for the easy and fast bagging of products in the food industry, ready-made clothing industry, medical industry, electronics industry and many similar sectors. Among the industrial bag mouth sealing machines that take this category for you, there is a machine type for all kinds of needs, including small, medium and large scale enterprises. Renas bag mouth sealing machine models include manual bag sealing machines, automatic bag sealing machines, date coded bag sealing machines and pedal bag sealing machines. Renas bag closing machines are extremely efficient machines. Stainless material is used at the points in contact with the product. Thus, it is ensured that you create a hygienic working environment in your operations with Renas bag sealing machines. With the types of bag sealing machines that differ according to the sector and the purpose of use, all bags of different sizes and different features can be closed. Thanks to the bag sealing machines, which are very easy to use, the bags of the products can be glued in a very short time and quickly. The product bags that are closed with industrial type bag sealing machines do not absorb air, dust from the place they are closed and never leak or open. This extends the shelf life of the products. Thus, you can create a fast and efficient working environment with bag sealing machines.

Advantages of Buying a Bag Sealing Machine from Turkey

Turkey offers many advantages to businesses in the production and export of bag closures. Due to its strategic location, machine variety and reasonable price policies, manufacturers supply bag closing machines from Turkey. The advantages that Turkey offers to users in machine production are as follows:

  • Bag closing machine costs in Turkey are more affordable than in other countries.
  • Turkey has international quality standards in bag closing machine production.
  • Manufacturers in Turkey offer customized options in bag closing machine production.
  • Bag closing machines in Turkey have warranties.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Bag Sealing Machines Supplier in Turkey?

When purchasing a bag closing machine from Turkey, you should pay attention to the supplier selection. First of all, you should examine the references while choosing the Turkey bag closing machine supplier, then the points you should pay attention to are as follows:

  • You should pay attention to the certificates of Turkish bag closing machine manufacturers.
  • When choosing a bag closing supplier, you should choose a company that will provide services in response to your special production needs.
  • You should review the bag closing supplier’s warranty and return policies.
  • You should evaluate the price policies of the bag closure supplier in Turkey according to the production quality.

The information given above is among the factors that you will base on when choosing a bag closure supplier in Turkey. Renas Makina is a bag closing manufacturer and supplier in Turkey. Renas Makina, which produces bag closing machine that provides efficiency for businesses, is preferred by businesses due to its quality production policies.

Turkey Bag Sealing Machine Manufacturers

Renas Makina is one of the Turkish bag closing machine manufacturers. Renas Makina, which takes care of every stage from the production of the bag closing machine to its distribution, provides a 1-year warranty against fabricated faulty products. You can contact Renas Makina for the bag closing machines specially designed for businesses.

How Much Do Bag Sealing Machine in Turkey Costs?

Bag closing prices in Turkey are determined according to the model, brand, capacity and additional features. On average, Turkey bag closing prices range from 300 to 4,500 dollars. You can supply the bag closing machine suitable for your business from Renas Makina; You can contact us for additional features.

Bag Sealer Systems Reviews

Gabrielle Ashton
Gabrielle Ashton
Read More
We have been using the filling and labeling machines for 2 years and we are very pleased, the machines are of very high quality. Mr. Fırat, who sells machines to us, is very interested in and solves any problem we have. The communication of the company with the customer is very good, thank you Renas Machine.
Dylan Sheeran
Dylan Sheeran
Read More
We worked with Renas Makina on our food filling machine project. We had serious reservations because our product was in both powder and grain form. But at this point, Renas Machinery made all kinds of research and developed the right product at the right time and the filling trials were successful. I thank them and wish them continued success.
Michael Lennon
Michael Lennon
Read More
Renas Machine, which we have been working with for many years, is a very successful company in both tube filling and liquid filling devices. We recommend the company, which we also use as technical service, to the users in the Turkish market and wish them continued success.

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Counted Bag Sealing Machine
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Frequently Asked Questions

It provides quick and easy closure of all types of heat-sealable bags.

Bag sealing machines; manual bag sealing machines, automatic bag sealing machines, date coded bag sealing machines and pedal bag sealing machines are divided into types. CPP, PP, PE, plastic bags, foil types, triplex, duplex, laminated papers, tea filter papers, nylon bags, aluminum foil bags, craft bags, sterilization bags, gusseted bags, doypack bags and and The bonding process can be done without any problem in a wide variety of similar packaging types.

Bag sealing machines; Bag sealing machine is used in food sector, ready-made clothing sector, medical sector, electronics sector and many similar sectors. With the bag sealing machine, you can perform the sealing process more quickly and easily.

When purchasing a bag sealing machine, you should decide which type of bag will go through the sealing process, whether automatic or pedal, which is the most suitable machine for you.

Bag closing machines produced in Turkey have safe quality standards. Turkey has control mechanisms in bag closing machine production. The designs of the machines are made in accordance with the occupational safety law numbered 6331. In addition, for the health of consumers, bag closing machines in Turkey are produced from antibacterial stainless steel.

  • When purchasing a bag closing machine from Turkey, you should find out if the company provides after-sales support.
  • When purchasing a bag closing machine from Turkey, you should pay attention to the variety of machines your company offers.
  • When purchasing a bag closing machine, you should choose the most suitable type for your business.
  • When purchasing a bag closing machine from Turkey, the production time should be considered. The production and delivery of a bag closing machine takes approximately 1 month.

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Warranty - Spare Parts
Warranty - Spare Parts

We do not only manufacture machines, we also provide you with spare parts for our machines. Our machines are guaranteed for 1 year against fabrication defects.

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Special Solution According to Need

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