Granule Packing Machines

Granule Packing Machines

RPM SERIES Granule Packing Machines
RPM series fully automatic granule packing machine with 1-5 - 10-200 gr filling range option.

RPMT SERIES Granule Packing Machine
RPMT series scale packaging machine with a capacity of 70 pieces per minute.

Machine Varieties by Product


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Warranty - Spare Parts
Warranty - Spare Parts

We do not only manufacture machines, we also provide you with spare parts for our machines. Our machines are guaranteed for 1 year against fabrication defects.

Special Solution According to Need
Special Solution According to Need

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Different Machine Varieties

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Granule Filling Packing Machine

Granule packaging machines are machines that are produced for you to pack many different types of products, from powder and small grain food products, to animal feed and pesticides, to sports nutrition, in the ratio and size you want. You can pack dozens of different product types with Renas granule packaging machine types. Among the products you can pack with granule packaging machine models, we can count products such as tea, coffee, animal feed, sports nutrition, grain products such as corn and peas, powdered beverages, spices. Since granule packaging systems are generally used with food types, it is important to comply with hygiene rules. In this respect, all Renas Makina granule machine types are safe. Granule packaging machine manufacturer Renas Makina, the contact points of all granule packaging machine types are made of stainless material. With the FULL Automatic Granule packaging machine and semi-automatic granule packaging machine varieties, you can easily make adjustments in different package sizes and different filling rates, and pack your products in the dimensions you want. It helps you to use the granule packaging machine you purchased in a versatile and more efficient way.

Granule Product Packing Machine Prices

The prices of granule product packaging machines produced under the umbrella of Renas Makine vary from product to product. You can optionally add additional features to various granule packaging machines that will appeal to different needs and production capacities. Granule packaging machine prices will vary according to the feature you want to add. You can immediately start to review the prices and features of granule packaging machines; You can buy the most suitable product packaging machine quickly and reliably from Renas Makine, the manufacturer of granule packaging machine.

Granule packaging machine performs the packaging process of many products in granular structure quickly and easily.

Granule packaging machines; It is divided into two as fully automatic granule packaging and semi-automatic granule packaging. With granule packaging machines, products such as tea, coffee, animal feed, sports nutrition, grain products such as corn and peas, powdered beverages, spices are packed.

Granule packaging machine is mostly preferred in the food industry. In addition to the food industry, granule packaging machine is also preferred in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Among the advantages it provides; Packaging is done quickly and easily. It increases the storage and usage life of the products.

When purchasing a Granule Packing machine, it should be decided which type of products will be packaged. After the decision has been made, the packaging machine should be chosen by considering the size of the packaging machine and the production volume of the product it packs per minute.

Granule Packaging machine prices vary according to the machine types, the product it packs and the features of the machine. Additional features can be added to the packaging machine you like in line with the needs of your business, the prices of the packaging machine for the feature you want to add vary. You can get the packaging machine you want from our site.