How Does a Capping Machine Work?

14 December 2023
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Capping machines; jars, glasses, etc. containing ready-to-eat foods such as food, beverages, as well as cream tubes, bottle caps, cans, plates and similar containers containing creamy foods such as chemicals and detergents.

Types of Sealing Machines

There are many sealing machines with different functions and features. Sealing machines are divided into different types as cup sealing machine, foil sealing machine, lid sealing machine, cream and tube sealing machine, vial sealing machine, tin sealing machine.

Among the capping machine types, there are also types such as metal lid, screw lid capping machine.

If we need to examine the prominent capping machine types:

The semi-automatic capping machine is designed to work smoothly on all cap types. It is a machine designed especially for small and medium-sized manufacturing plants working with many types of caps. It is much faster and more effortless than manual capping.

Product Features

  • Capacity Min. 45 Pieces
  • Cover Range 19mm-45mm
  • Cover Diameter: 18-45mm
  • Dimensions 57x47x68 cm
  • Weight: 59 kg

In Which Products Can It Be Used?

  • Beaked lids
  • Timing spray caps
  • Lotion caps
  • Cream lids
  • Bottle caps

Fully Automatic Capping Machine

The fully automatic capping machine makes the bottle ready for clamping by first hammering the cap onto the bottle. At this station, top pressure is applied to the cap of the bottle and the cap is ensured to fit on the thread bearing. Then the capped bottle comes to the second station, the cap tightening station, and tightens the cap by applying power from the top and turning it in the direction of tightening for the amount of time you specify.

Product Features

  • Capacity 50-55/min.
  • 15-130 mm Cover Range
  • 4 Corner Grip
  • Suitable for all screw caps

In which products is it used?

  • Timing Covers
  • Spray Caps
  • Large Diameter Caps
  • Beak Covers

Manual Sealing Machine

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