What to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Packaging Machine?

14 December 2023
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The service life of the products packaged with vacuum machine increases. Especially the vacuum machine used for the packaging process of food products prevents the product from getting air. During vacuuming, all the air inside the package is expelled and the product we vacuum does not come into contact with the outside air. Thus, the product is prevented from deterioration such as mold and insects and the products are stored for a long time. We can say that products with low liquid content are packaged with vacuum machine. So, what are these products? Olives, dehydrated cheese, chicken, red meat, sausage, pasta, hazelnuts, peanuts, tomatoes, eggplant, bread, Turkish delight, sugar, flour, etc. many more products are packaged with vacuum machine.

Advantages of Vacuum Packaging Machines

We can list the main advantages of vacuum packaging machines as follows:

  • It is used for dozens of food products.
  • Offering varieties for different needs, especially double chamber and single chamber vacuum packaging machine
  • Saving time and cost

What should we pay attention to?

First of all, before buying a vacuum machine, you should determine for what purpose you will use it. If you want to store your own products at home by vacuuming, there are small household vacuum machines. It will be more convenient for you to buy such machines. Since household vacuum machines are small, they do not take up space and can work by plugging into the sockets at home because they do not have industrial electricity. Since the household vacuum machine works manually, the number of products you will pack increases according to your speed. If you have a large, medium and small business, we can recommend you to buy the industrial vacuum machine. In the machine model known as the double chamber vacuum machine, the number of products you pack per minute is more. Since there are two vacuuming chambers, the number of products packaged also increases. You should choose the size of the vacuum machine according to the size of the location where you will place your machine. Choosing a machine according to the size of your space will allow you to move more comfortably during packaging. After determining the type of vacuum machine you will buy according to your production volume and space size, you can look at its technical specifications.

To summarize all this;

  • You should determine which type and density of products you will pack with the vacuum machine.
  • You should pay attention to how much product it packs per minute or hour.
  • You should pay attention to the stainless steel of the technical components. Because when the parts of the vacuum machine are rusted, you can buy a machine again in a short time because its service life will decrease.
  • You can look at the suction power of the vacuum machine during vacuuming.
  • You can check whether it leaks out of the product during vacuuming.
  • Finally, you should examine whether the company you buy the vacuum machine provides you with spare parts and technical support.
  • You should consider whether single chamber or double chamber will work better for you.

You can choose Renas machine, which manufactures vacuum machine production with 100% Turkish goods. It provides spare parts and technical support services for household vacuum machines and industrial vacuum machines.

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