Shampoo Mixing Boilers for Shampoo Manufacturing Companies

14 December 2023
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Shampoo production companies need to use shampoo mixing boilers to facilitate the production processes and to bring the materials required for shampoo to the desired level. Homogeneous mixing of different substances during the production of shampoo is only one of the important points in shampoo production. Since the proper mixing of different substances determines the quality of the shampoo, production companies pay utmost attention to this point. Since the mixing machine types vary according to the density and type of the product to be mixed, it is necessary to provide a mixing machine suitable for the intense viscosity of the shampoos in this direction. Since shampoo has a high viscosity, there is a need for dense liquid mixing machines. Cream mixing boilers are a machine that will speed up your work at this point and make your shampoo production more efficient.

Shampoo Mixing Boilers

You can get the efficiency you want from your productions with shampoo boiler. Double walled high speed cream mixing boilers produced by Renas Makina will be an ideal machine for your shampoo productions. It is designed to homogeneously mix liquid, less dense and high density products. Thanks to its homogenizer blade, it ensures that even products with high density are fully homogeneous by breaking them strongly. In Renas Makina cream mixing boilers, you can also mix products such as cream and paste in addition to shampoo. Thanks to its powerful motor, it works with full efficiency even in products with high volume.

Since the engine speed settings of the shampoo mixing machine can be adjusted, the settings of each stage at different speeds during production can be made more easily. The shampoo mixing machine, which will provide you with convenience at the point of product filling and discharge, has a discharge spout. There is no need for technical knowledge to clean the shampoo mixing machine, which saves time and speed compared to peer mixers. You will not need expert support for easy disassembly and assembly of the points in contact with the product.

Shampoo boiler machine is made of stainless steel material inside and outside. During the production of shampoo, if the materials need to be heated or cooled, you can carry out the processes by filling water into the heating wall. Stainless steel material works smoothly in other product types except acidic products. Renas Makina cream mixing machine does not make noise during operation. Even if the amount of product in the cream boiler is small, it works smoothly without shaking. It is not mandatory to fix the cream bowl to the floor during operation, but it will be more useful. There is a fixing section on the feet of the cream bowl for you to fix it on the floor.

After the shampoo mixing process is finished, the prepared shampoos must be filled into suitable containers. You can review the production machines required for shampoo filling from the article ‘Filling Machine Models You Need in Shampoo Production‘.Thanks to the digital panel of Renas Makina shampoo mixing boilers, which are 100% domestic production, you can make the settings more easily. You can choose the model suitable for your production from models ranging from 250 Lt and 500 Lt in shampoo mixing vats. If you want additional features and feature upgrades to your machine suitable for your production capacity, you can contact our customer representatives on our 0 216 470 83 74 hotline.

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