RMX-SH Double Walled Liquid Mixing Machine

RMX-SH Double Walled Liquid Mixing Machine

Techinical Features and Prices

Features / Series RMX-SH250C RMX-SH500C
Labeling Speed
10-25 bottles/minute (Depends on diameter)
10-40 bottles/minute (Depends on diameter)
220 V+/- 5V, 110 V +/-5V
220 V+/- 5V, 110 V +/-5V
Power consumption
1 kW
1 kW
Air pressure
0,4-0,6 mpa / 4-6 bar
0,4-0,6 mpa / 4-6 bar
Outside Diameter
18-100 mm
18-100 mm
Label Length
20-180 mm
20-200 mm
Max Outer Diameter Of Label Roll
300 mm
300 mm

Products That Can Be Mixed

RMX-SH Double Walled Liquid Mixing Machine


RMX-SH Double Walled Liquid Mixing Machine


RMX-SH Double Walled Liquid Mixing Machine


General Features of RMX-SH SERIES Liquid Mixing Machines

  • We have machines with a product volume of 250 – 500 liters.
  • Products between 150-300 liters can be mixed easily in high speed mixtures. In low cycle production, 200 liter product can be mixed without any problem.
  • It can be used for homogeneous mixing of liquid, less dense, very dense products. Thanks to the homogenizer blade, it provides a homogeneous mixture even in high-density products such as cream, shampoo, paste. Having a powerful engine is another plus for homogeneous mixtures.
  • We have Liquid Mixing Machines with 1.5 Kw 1400 and 2.2 Kw 1400 rpm motors in the RMX-SH Series.
  • There is a motor speed adjustment. In this way, mixing can be made at different cycles in each circuit of the mixtures at different stages.
  • The points in contact with the mixed product are made of anti-bacterial material.
  • Even if the feet of the machine are not fixed to the ground, there will be no vibration in products with medium density. However, it is recommended that the mixer, which has a fixing section on its feet, be fixed to the ground.
  • RMX-SH Series double-walled and liquid mixing machines have a flanged ferrule system for product discharge ports, connections of heating and cooling walls.
  • Thanks to the flanged ferrule system, the parts of the mixer can be assembled and disassembled quickly. This makes the maintenance and cleaning of the machine extremely easy.
  • The inner product wall of the machine is 3 mm, the outer heating and cooling wall is 2 mm, made of SUS 304 stainless steel.
  • The angle of the base camber of the machine can be produced at different angles according to your production style.
  • It can be easily used in productions that require both heating and cooling. For example, if the production of cream requires heating first, you can fill the heating wall of the boiler with water. Afterwards, you can drain the water and fill it with new water to cool it.
  • The machine body is extremely robust and highly resistant to external impacts.
  • The heating system of RMX-SH Series double-walled liquid mixing machines has been developed to work with water or oil. The use of the heat setting part is extremely simple.
  • The heating system of the machine is 220V single phase, mixing system is 380V 3 phase.
  • It is 100% domestic production. The gearbox and engine group in the machine are also supplied from domestic manufacturers.
  • Many modules can be added both during and after production. In this way, it offers rational and practical solutions to your mixing problems with low viscosity and high viscosity.
  • Our RMX-SH Series double-walled liquid mixing machines have a fully grounded body.

RMX-SH Series - Optional Features to Add to Liquid Mixing Boilers

In addition to the features of the RMX-SH Series double-walled liquid mixing vessels, you can add different features you need to the machine. The main optional features in question are as follows:

  • Depending on your needs and demands, the points in contact with the product can be produced from a different material.
  • Optionally, a counter showing labeling information can be added.
  • It can be produced in accordance with the situations where you need to work at different voltages.

RMX-SH Series - Liquid Mixing Boilers - Other Details

  • The delivery time of the machines for which additional (optional) features are requested is in the range of 5-20 days.
  • Packed for long-distance shipments.
  • Thanks to the contracted courier company, the product is transported at an affordable price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo as well.
  • 1 year warranty is provided against factory defects.