REM-F4 Double Sided Automatic Date Labeling Machine

REM-F4 Double Sided Automatic Date Labeling Machine

REM-F4 Double Sided Automatic Date Labeling Machine General Features

1-It is designed to label angular and flat surface product packaging. It also meets the double-sided labeling needs of flat or full-corner packages.
2-During operation, the label is peeled off from the transfer paper and then the peeled label is transferred onto the sealing container with the help of a vacuum pump. The label is separated from the reel and transferred onto the sealing cup. This label is affixed to the package according to the alignment barriers previously adjusted for the package.
3-In one-sided labeling, an average of 35-40 labels per minute is made.
4-It is a 100% domestic production machine.
5-Optional features can be added upon request.
6-Label changes and settings can be made very easily. You can start working on a different type of label every few minutes.
7-The vacuum motor of the automatic double-sided labeling machine works very quietly. It provides high performance thanks to its powerful engine.
8-It is a type of machine in the A++ class that consumes very little and air. It does not cause environmental and noise pollution.
9-The control of the machine is provided via the PLC control screen. The drive of the machine is provided by a stepper motor.
10-Thanks to the fiber optic sensor, the machine always finishes the labeling as set.
11-The fiber optic sensor of the automatic double-sided labeling machine does not work in accordance with transparent labels. However, if desired, it can be made suitable for transparent labels by making changes in the machine design.
12-It is a type of labeling machine that does not require installation by the service. It is sufficient to connect only electricity and air for the machine to start working.
13-It is guaranteed for 1 year against factory defects.
14-With this machine, which was developed in accordance with the occupational safety law, you can make labeling operations in accordance with the hygiene rules.

REM-F4 Double Sided Automatic Date Labeling Machine Optional Features That Can Be Added

In addition to the features of the automatic double-sided labeling machine, you can add different features you need to the machine. The main optional features in question are as follows:

  • Depending on your needs and demands, the points in contact with the product can be produced from a different material.
  • Optionally, a counter showing labeling information can be added.
  • It can be produced in accordance with the situations where you need to work at different voltages.
  • With the TP option, it can be easily worked on transparent labels.
  • Thanks to the SP option, you can customize the machine according to your many other needs.

REM-F4 Double Sided Automatic Date Labeling Machine Other Details

  • The delivery time of the machines for which additional (optional) features are requested is in the range of 5-20 days.
  • It is packaged in accordance with long-distance shipments.
  • Thanks to the courier company we have contracted with, the product is transported at an affordable price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo as well.
  • 1 year warranty is provided against factory defects.