What is a Stretch Wrapping Machine?

18 January 2024
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Stretch wrapping machines are machines that wrap loads on pallets designed to prevent products from dispersing and facilitate their transportation and storage. Stretch stretching technology ensures flawless packaging of products. The device makes it possible for businesses to do efficient work with little cost.

Stretch Wrapping Machine Types

Stretch wrapping machines are devices that enable businesses to achieve great efficiency in their production. Basically, stretch wrapping machine types are divided into automatic, semi-automatic and manual wrapping machines. However, stretch wrapping machines are produced with different features to meet the working demand in the best way. The customized stretch wrapping machine types are as follows:

  • Suitcase Stretch Wrapping Machine
  • Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine
  • Foil Wrapping Machine
  • Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine
  • Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

How Stretch Wrapping Machines Work?

Stretch wrapping machines have different working principles depending on the type. Automatic stretch wrappers perform the operations themselves; manual stretch wrappers require user intervention. But basically the working procedures of stretch wrapping machines are similar. The operations take place on the palletizing line. The products on the palletizing line are wrapped by the stretch film roll and the stretches are glued through the holding mechanism. The stretching machine can be used for years like the first day. This provides high performance in production.

What are the Features of Stretch Wrapping Machine?

Stretch wrapping machine features differ according to the model. However, in general, the details in the features and designs of the stretching machine are as follows:

  • In the stretching machine, the products are transported via conveyors.
  • Stretching machine capacities are designed according to the amount of product to be stretched daily. Machines are processed in detail according to large and small enterprises.
  • The wrapping speed of the stretch wrapping machine is regulated according to the number of products and pallets.
  • For the safety of workers and users, the stretch wrapping machine is made of stainless steel.

Benefits of Stretch Wrapping Machine

The use of a stretch wrapping machine benefits the business and the consumer in many ways. First of all, the stretch wrapping machine provides packaging without disturbing the type and design of the materials. The benefits and advantages of the stretch wrapping machine, which reduces the need for manpower in the industry, can be summarized as follows:

  • Stretch wrapping machine; It undertakes the stretching task required in production in a serial manner. It ensures that stable work is continuous in factories.
  • The stretch wrapping machine helps to lighten the work of the workers.
  • The stretching machine helps to ensure sterile transportation of products.
  • It helps to keep products and materials safe and intact in the warehouse.
  • Stretch wrapping machines lead to savings in the use of stretch during production.

Stretch Wrapping Machine Usage Areas

Stretch machine meets the production needs in many sectors. The following sectors and areas can be given as examples of the usage areas of the stretch machine that provides efficiency to businesses:

  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Food Industry
  • Industrial Production
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Storage and Warehouse Management
  • Retail and Merchandising

Things to Consider When Choosing a Stretch Wrapping Machine

The most important point to consider when choosing a stretch wrapping machine is the processing volume. Wrapping capacity is the main point when choosing among stretch machine models. The processing volume and size of each machine is different. Therefore, the stretch machine should be selected in line with the workload of the organization.

However, the stretch wrapping machine manufacturer directly affects the quality of the models. You should choose the company that appeals to you in terms of price performance among stretch wrapping machine manufacturers in Turkey. The stretch machine company should provide you with ease of maintenance and service.

Stretch Machine Prices & Stretch Machine Models

Stretch machine prices are determined according to region, brand, model and additional features. You can contact us for information about the stretch machine models offered by Renas Makina quality; You can review all devices within the scope of packaging on our Packaging Machines page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a stretching wrapping machine?

Stretching machine selection should be made within the scope of the device’s features, prices and the manufacturer of the stretching machine.

What does a stretch wrapping machine do?

Stretch machine is a device that plays a role in packaging processes. An industrial device, the stretching machine ensures that products are protected during transportation and storage.

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