RF Series Manual Pedal Bag Sealing Machine

Technical Specifications
Sealing Lenght
0-80 cm
Pasting Width
3-5 mm
Bonding Thickness
40-100 Micron
Time setting
0-10 sn
220 V

General Features of RF Series Bag Sealing Machines

♦ With the RF Series Bag Sealing pedal bag sealing machines, the products you seal are not airtight. In this way, your products will last longer.
♦ Thanks to the heat setting on the machine, you can quickly adjust the temperature that is compatible with the structure of the bag you will paste.
♦ RF series pedal bag sealing machine is an ideal bag sealing machine, especially for retail companies, small production companies at home, and businesses with volume production.
♦ It is a machine series developed for bag sealing needs.
♦ It is very easy to reach the service and spare parts of the machines. In this respect, you can reach the service quickly when you need service and spare parts.
♦ Cleaning and maintenance of the machine can be done very easily.
♦ RF Series pedal bag sealing machine has a sealing time adjustment button on it. Thanks to this button, you can easily work on different types of bags with different thicknesses.
♦ Thanks to the heat setting on the machines, you can reach up to 40 – 100 micron bag thickness.

RF Series Bag Sealing Machines - Other Details

♦ The delivery time of the machines for which additional (optional) features are requested is in the range of 5-20 days.
♦ Packed for long-distance shipments.
♦ Thanks to the contracted courier company, the product is transported at an affordable price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo as well.
♦ 1 year warranty is provided against factory defects.
♦ Since Teflon and resistance are consumables, they are not included in the warranty.