RYD-VT Semi Automatic Weighing Filling Machine

RYD-VT Semi-Automatic Weighing Filling Machine
Features / Series RYD-VT120 RYD-VT125 RYD-VT150
Working Range
10 - 100ml
10 - 1000ml
200 - 1500ml
400-700 pcs/hour
400-700 pcs/hour
400-700 pcs/hour
Power consumption
15 kW
15 kW
15 kW
50 kg

Products That Can Be Filled

RYD-VT Semi-Automatic Weighing Filling Machine


RYD-VT Semi Automatic Weigh Filling Machine General Features

  • Non-adhesive powder types, crystal products, granule products, etc. that you will make up to 5000 daily. It is designed to be used in the filling of products.
  • Our machines can fill from 50 gr to 2000 gr, depending on the volume of the product, with the base to fit into the weighing pan. Since it feeds the filling pan with the vibration system, it can easily weigh even your products with flow problems.
  • Our machines absolutely do not need air during operation. For this reason, you do not need to buy a compressor as in similar machines. You can easily operate your mobile phone at the socket where you charge it. With the help of this feature, it works more quietly.
  • The intelligent microprocessor control card controlling the RYD-VT Series semi-automatic weighing filling machines tests the flow rate of the product several times in order to be able to fill your product stably, calculates the pouring rate of the product so that the product can give a stable weight, and continues the next filling more precisely. Thanks to this feature, our machines make weighting more precisely than other machines. In a machine with well-adjusted product discharge channel settings, the filling accuracy will be around 1 gr even at 2.5 kg.
  • All parts of the machines are made of SUS 304 Stainless steel. In this respect, the machine complies with GMP, FDA norms. The inner sole of the machines is also stainless steel. Thanks to this feature, you can also reuse the products spilled into the machines.
  • Our machines work with very little noise. Thanks to its special spring system, it does not cause disturbing noise during operation. In this respect, it is a suitable machine especially for workshops working under apartments.
  • RYD-VT Series semi-automatic scale filling machines are in A++ class. Our machines, like many of our other machines, have low power consumption. It consumes only 15W of electricity.
  • It is designed as portable and easy to carry. You can easily work in many jobs with a single machine.
  • It is 100% domestic production. In this respect, it is extremely accessible in terms of service and spare parts.
  • Our machines are not damaged during transportation thanks to loadcell fixing and vibration fixing screws. Our machines are offered for sale in crates made of wood with a thickness of 11 mm. The machine is in full safety against external impacts that may occur during transportation.
  • Thanks to the functional usage menu, you can work at 3 different vibration speeds. You can also see how many items you have filled; You can easily make settings such as the targeted weight amount. After reaching your target production number, you can unload all the remaining goods to the product feeding bunker by pressing a single button.
  • These machines, which have a large filling volume, are designed to easily fill between 50 gr and 5000 gr.

How RYD-VT Semi Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine Work

The way the machine works step by step is as follows:

1- It pours the product from the 30L product feeding bunker into the weighing pan.

2- Randomizes the first two or 3 fills to find out the required fill rate.

3- It makes a short beep when it reaches the target weight, and a long beep when it is passed or missing.

4- After the weighing is finished, it waits for you to press the pedal. It will not weigh again until you step on the pedal.

5- When you press the pedal, the product opens the discharge cover and keeps the cover open until the weight on it is zero or close to zero.

6- After the cover is closed, the vibration restarts and weighs again.

7- If the product in the product feeding bunker decreases and the vibration power becomes high during the filling, it adjusts the required vibration speed after the filling, which it cannot perform precisely, and tries different vibration speeds until it reaches the closest weight to the target weight.

8- If the product runs out in the product feeding bunker, it continues the vibration for a certain period of time. If it cannot complete the weight, it stops the filling by making a long beep. It does not weigh again until you press the start button after you press the pedal and empty the product in the weighing pan.

Optional Features to Add to RYD-VT Semi Automatic Weighing Filling Machine

1- We can add many additional features to the machine depending on your needs and demands.

2- If you wish, we can increase the volume of the product bunker from 40 liters to 80 liters.

3- If you wish, an additional mouth can be manufactured for the product discharge port of the machine according to your packaging.

RYD-VT Semi Automatic Weighing Filling Machine Other Details

  • The delivery time of the machines for which additional (optional) features are requested is in the range of 5-20 days.
  • It is packaged to be suitable for long-distance cargoes.
  • Thanks to the contracted courier company, the product is transported at an advantageous price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo as well.
  • It is a product guaranteed for 1 year against factory defects.
  • In the first start-up, be sure to unscrew the fixing screws and operate. In cases where service is required by cargo, be sure to attach the fixing screws and send them, any damages that may occur due to this issue are repaired out of warranty.