RBS-H Series Powder and Granule Conveyor Screw


Techinical Features and Prices

Features / Series RBS-H100K RBS-H125K RBS-H150K
3.745,00 $
185 kg with 500 lt bunker
190 kg with 500 lt bunker
225 kg with 500 lt bunker
Engine Power
Gearbox Speed
40 rpm
50 rpm
50 rpm
Gearbox Output Torque
13380 M2 [Nm]
13420 M2 [Nm]
14333 M2 [Nm]
Gearbox Slew Ratio
4227,50 i
4227,50 i
4227,50 i
3 Phase 380V / 50Hz Standard Model
3 Phase 380V / 50Hz Standard Model
3 Phase 380V / 50Hz Standard Model
Feeding Capacity
9ton/Hour for products with specific gravity 1 for standard models
11 tons / Hour for products with specific gravity 1 for standard models
9ton/Hour for products with specific gravity 1 for standard models
Pipe Diameter
97mm inner diameter 105mm outer diameter
117mm inner diameter 125mm outer diameter
142mm inner diameter 150mm outer diameter
Center Shaft Diameter
25mm x 3mm
25mm x 3mm
25mm x 3mm

Products That Can Be Feeding

RBS-H Series Powder and Granule Conveyor Screw


RBS-H Series Powder and Granule Conveyor Screw


RBS-H Series General Features

♦ RBS-H Series powder and granule feeding, loading and transport augers enable all your powder, granular and powder granule mixtures to be transported to different heights. It is especially used for less labor and effortless transportation of products processed or filled in systems such as packaging machines, semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines, dosing systems, mixers.
♦ Thanks to many types of control panels produced by our company, it can operate automatically or manually in many integrated systems.
♦ Thanks to its wheeled bunker structure, you can easily use it in many different machines or areas in your business, and you can move it effortlessly. Relocation can be done by one person when the bunker is empty.
♦ It has a feeding channel diameter of 150-150 mm. Thanks to the spiral leaves that pass into the feeding channel without gaps, the product does not leak back. The feeding capacity is extremely high. We have models in different diameters for your higher capacity feeding needs.
♦ By opening the easy-to-open drain cover at the bottom of the products, operating the helix in reverse (available in 3 phase models), you can empty the feeding channel and the products remaining in the helix and use them in other products within a few seconds. In addition, in cases where you need to perform full sterilization, it is extremely easy to remove the parts that come into contact with the product. With a little technical knowledge, you can easily take the auger out of the feeding channel.
♦ Made entirely of SUS 304 stainless steel. It complies with GMP, FDA and other sanitary production norms.
♦ Thanks to its fully grounded chassis and emergency stop button insulated cables, it complies with the occupational safety law no. 6331. You don’t need to do any extra repairs.
♦ Thanks to the height adjustment of the discharge opening in the product, you can work with a simple adjustment at heights between 165-195 cm in our standard model. In addition, for heights lower than 160 cm, you can transfer without dust and product loss with a spiral and cloth hose, which you can also obtain from our company.
♦ It is a 100% domestic production machine. It is produced in our own facilities.
♦ Product hopper is semi-cubic and curved. Since the labor cost is less than the KN model, it is more affordable compared to the KN models. If you do not have flow problems in your product, this model will be more affordable for you.
♦ 1 standard panel, direction change condition is supplied as standard with the product. For 220V motorized models, we provide 1/0 on/off switch instead of direction change switch.

Optional Features to Add to RBS-H Series Machines

♦ You can request a sieve at the product entrance or above the bunker. It can be added to both the feeding screw inlet and the bunker mouth.
♦ Different volumes of product feeding hoppers can be added. Different from the standard bunker that comes with the machine, you can request different volumes of bunkers.
♦ Extendable product feeding channel and auger length can be added. The dimensions of the parts in question can be produced in different sizes according to your needs.
♦ You can request different material options for the points that come into contact with the product or not. Many parts can be manufactured with galvanized sheet, SUS 316 stainless steel or DKP (recycled steel) according to your needs.
♦ You can add sensor triggering feature according to your needs. In this way, it can be mounted to the bunker or hopper of the machine you want to feed, and it can be automatically started and stopped automatically as the product is finished by a sensor connected to the panel of our machine.
♦ According to your needs, you can request the ability to work with single phase 220V. In this way, you can easily use the machine in your workshops where there is no 3-phase industrial current.
♦ You can request a mixer inside the bunker. This option is an ideal option especially for your products that separate from each other over time and need to be mixed continuously to ensure homogeneity.
♦ You can add a flow rate setting for the feeding screw. Your sensitive products may work at different speeds according to your production speed.
♦ You can request vibration for products with low viscosity. We can add vibrations that work continuously or at different time intervals, with different strengths and properties, for your products with low fluidity and flow problems.

RBS-H Series Machines - Other Details

♦ Packed for long-distance shipments.
♦ Thanks to the contracted courier company, the product is transported at an affordable price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo as well.
♦ Guaranteed against factory defects.
♦ The delivery time of the machines for which additional (optional) features are requested is in the range of 5-20 days.