RTB-150 Date Coded Pad Printing Machine

Technical Specifications
Coding Source
Pad Printing
Maximum Printing Area
Print Speed
Ink Container Size
Machine Sizes
Power Cons.
60 Watt
Made in

RTB-150 Date Coded Pad Printing Machine General Features

♦RTB-150 Date Coded Pad Printing Machine, pen, watch, ashtray etc. It is designed to print brands on products. Our machine can also be used as a date coding machine by making clichés for your filling needs.
♦Our machine can print on all plastic, metal, glass, wooden surfaces without any problem.
♦You can print in multiple colors by making clichés and fixing attachments separately.
♦RTB-150 Date Coded Pad Printing Machine It is a very quiet, space-saving, practical machine, it does not require a compressor or an industrial ceyran, you can produce an affordable solution especially for your marking needs with extremely affordable cliché costs.
♦The standard printing pad that comes on the machine is 30X50 mm wide, but you can get pads of different sizes and widths from the market, ink, stabilizer etc. You can easily obtain such consumables from the market.
♦If you wish, you can work with pedals with the pedal option that you can obtain from our company.

RTB-150 Date Coded Pad Printing Machine Optional Features

♦It is packaged in accordance with long-distance shipments.
♦Thanks to the courier company we have contracted with, the product is transported at an affordable price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo as well.
♦It is under the warranty of 1 Year RENAS MACHINE against factory-made faults.
♦We can provide CE,LVD,EUR1, CO, ATR documents.