RES-MFCL1 Automatic Industrial Liquid Filling Machine


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RES-MFCL1 Automatic Industrial Liquid Filling Machine


RES-MFCL1 Automatic Industrial Liquid Filling Machine


RES-MFCL1 Automatic Industrial Liquid Filling Machine

Tomato Paste

  • The fully automatic industrial liquid filling line has been designed especially for our customers who are engaged in medium-scale production and enlarge their business, to enable you to switch from semi-automatic production machines to a fully automatic system without breaking your budget.
  • Our machine takes up little space, but produces as functional and high capacity as in large industrial filling lines.
  • There are 4 different stations in total on the same line, each of these stations work synchronously to each other.
  • Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Line is a completely domestic production and design machine, All design and development stages were developed by our own engineers and automation team in RENAS R&D unit, It is the first domestically produced table top fully automatic line in Turkey.
  • The price policy that our company has followed for this Fully Automatic Industrial Filling Line aims to win from the release. Also, our company, as a requirement of social responsibility, aims to support the boutique or medium-sized manufacturers in our country, in order to support this customer group at the price of the semi-automatic machines sold by our competitors in the market. aims to make a fully automatic line owner.
  • Although the Liquid Filling Line is a complicated system and its capacity almost reaches the capacity of a 4-nozzle line, it can only be operated by a single operator thanks to its ergonomic structure.
  • It does not require Industrial Electricity, you can easily operate it even with a compressor with a volume of only 30 liters in models with standard filling system. With a change we can make in the cover unit, we can operate it without the need for air.
  • The system works incredibly quiet, Total noise is around 60 db in standard models, so it’s almost like a standard human speech, it doesn’t cause disturbance in the working environment.

Working Method of RES-MFCL1 Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Line

Our line has 4 separate stations working synchronously with each other in total;

The first station: the Feeding Tray, this tray, which has speed adjustment and is completely made of SUS 304 Stainless steel, feeds the bottles you have placed on it to the turntable, the system automatically takes the bottles lined up on this tray.
Second station: It is the filling station, at this station, bottles are taken from the feeding tray and automatically lined up on the turntable are filled. RYD-E model electronic liquid filling machine comes as a standard with our machine, but according to your different product needs, Pneumatically operated Volumetric system liquid or cream One of the filling machines can be adapted, price information and other detailed information about this option are given below.
Third station: At this station, the cap of the bottle filled at the filling station is closed, the cap feeding system in the standard machine is manual, but you can also get a 5th station, that is, the automatic capping station, as an option. Also, according to your needs, our capping system can be sprayed or triggered. Caps can be designed to close vial caps, metal spinner caps, Twistoff or any other type of cap. At this station, the system that comes in the standard machine is such that it closes the screw caps.
Fourth station: At this station, the cylindrical bottles that are filled and closed at the previous stations are labeled fully automatically. The standard labeling machine that comes with the machine is designed for labeling round bottles, but you can get it to label flat bottles, double-sided bottles or flat bottles as an option.

Optional Features to Add to RES-MFCL1 Automatic Industrial Liquid Filling Machines

1-Filling Unit
Pneumatic Cream Filling System: Thanks to this feature to be added to the Industrial Liquid Filling Line, you can fill both fluid products and high viscosity products such as creams, pastes, shampoos inside the machine. With this option, your filling speed will be much higher than a standard electric filling machine, especially in high weights, but when this option is added, a larger compressor is needed. Our machine has 4 different filling ranges. 2.5-60ml, 5-100ml, 10-200ml, 30-300ml. This option price; 7,000₺

Pneumatic Cream Filling System Product Hopper Mixer and Heater: In the Pneumatic cream filling system option you will buy for the Liquid Filling Line, if you have a product that you need to fill hot or mix, an option fee of 2600₺ for the heater option and 3200₺ for the mixer is charged.

Pneumatic Liquid Filling System: With this feature to be added to the Industrial Liquid Filling Line, you can fill high and medium viscosity liquids much faster than the existing electric filling machine. In this option, there are 4 different models in the same filling intervals as in the Pneumatic cream filling option. This option also requires a larger compressor. Option price: 4,900₺

2- Closing Unit
Spray and Trigger Cap Closing System: By adapting this closure system in the Liquid Filling Line, you can easily make all spray, spout caps, timing caps and all screw caps without making separate closing molds, just by making adjustments.

Twistoff Lid Closing System: Thanks to this feature to be added to the Liquid Filling Line, you can smoothly close the Twistoff metal lids, which are used to create a vacuum effect in honey, jam, pickle, etc. products.

Vial Capping System: Thanks to this feature to be added to the Liquid Filling Line, we can roll the vial caps.

Snap Lid Closing System: We can apply this option to your lids, which are closed with pressure from the top, without any price difference.

3- Labeling Unit
Cylindrical Spinning System: Especially for your bottles that have risks such as pots and swells. By applying pressure to your bottle, it wraps the label and minimizes the risk of potholes.

Flat Single-Sided Labeling: Designed for labels that need to be adhered on one side on your flat-surfaced bottles, this option also comes with top and side alignment conveyors as an extra.