HP241K Automatic Date Coding Machine


HP241K Automatic Date Coding Machine General Features

♦HP241K Automatic Date Coding Machine are manufactured to be easily mounted on 3-line coding machines, horizontal and vertical packaging machines and labeling machines.
♦In order for the product to work synchronously with the machine on which it is mounted, the inductive sensor included in the product must be mounted on the appropriate movable part of the machine.
♦In the use of this machine, the date is always printed on the place where the package or label is set.
♦It is a much more affordable coding machine compared to similar machines produced in Europe.
♦It prints the date perfectly with the hot stamping foil ribbon. During thermal transfer, the printing takes 150-200 degrees of heat. The print that lasts up to +80, -30 degrees is not erased. It prints much more smoothly than solvent and ink inkjet prints.
♦The 3-line coding machine for HP241-K packaging machines works less smoothly than comparable products. This machine, which has 11 times cheaper coding modules, is also extremely low in terms of maintenance costs.
♦With the machine, label types such as nylon films, PE/PP, CPP, triblex, duplex, monoplex, laminated PVC surfaces, self-adhesive label films can be printed.
♦The coding module has a coding capacity of 3 or 4 lines, 10 characters per line.
♦In our module, all numbers between 0 and 9 are given together with the letters SKT, URT, PRT. Date changes are extremely easy. In addition, you can obtain letters such as GR, KG, TL and other alphabet letters from us.

HP241K Automatic Date Coding Machine Other Details

♦The delivery time of the machines for which additional (optional) features are requested is in the range of 5-20 days.
♦It is packaged in accordance with long-distance shipments.
♦Thanks to the courier company we have contracted with, the product is transported at an affordable price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo as well.
♦Warranty is provided against factory defects.